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Mobile Tuning Fork
Mobile Tuning Fork
Mobile Tuning Fork

    Mobile Tuning Fork

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      • Tuning fork made from special steel in the frequency of innerwise Mobile (178.5 Hz)
      • Protective carry pouch, instructions and frequency list included
      • Stainless-steel orb attachment (0.98 in/0.25 mm in diameter)
      • Attachment bolt and Allen wrench included with the orb add-on
      • The orb add-on is not included with the tuning fork
      • innerwise field product: This product was created by Tanja Voss.
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      Your body consists of a virtually uncountable number of tiny particles that are constantly in vibrations, like the vibrating strings of a violin. If you are in harmony and healthy, you will resound with your own, original music. If you are in pain, tension or disharmony, your music will degrade into mere dissonance (a squeaking sound).

      The Mobile Tuning Fork enables you to precisely treat your body and remind the tissue of its original sound, so you can release tensions. This tuning fork’s own frequency is the base tone of innerwise Mobile, a tool that always shows when your body needs particular attention. Its task is to connect what belongs together and dissolve boundaries that cause separations. It combines body therapy with energetic work, clears blockages and harmonizes on all levels. At the same time, it also opens the tissue to the frequencies of other remedies, including other tuning forks used in modern phonophoresis.

      The Mobile Tuning Fork is ideal for self-treatment and working with clients.

      The Mobile Tuning Fork is available in three different versions:


      The original for dissolving blockages in the body through vibrations.


      The vibration of gold makes the tuning fork softer and finer during use.

      Orb attachment

      The orb attachment is placed on the handle end of the tuning fork and attached using a small bolt.
      The orb offers you a wonderful way to massage muscles and fascia tissue to clear tensions. You can also use it to work with precision. The orb increases the contact point and makes it more comfortable to work with the tuning fork especially during longer sessions.

      How to use it

      Step 1

      Perform a body scan and identify the point where you are experiencing the highest level of tension. This may be a place where you are experiencing pain, or somewhere entirely different.

      Step 2

      Hold the Mobile Tuning Fork by the handle and strike it carefully against any point in the lower one-third of your body (for example, the outside of your knee). Hold the vibrating tuning fork as horizontally as possible against your body with the handle touching the area you want to treat. Observe whether the frequencies expand within your body. If you are experiencing a blockage, your tissue will be so hungry that you hardly notice the frequencies expanding. Repeat the process as often as necessary until the blockage is cleared, you feel calm and the vibration can be felt in your body in the area surrounding the place you have treated.

      Step 3

      Perceive your body and begin to let it move you until your feel relaxation and are able to breathe out.





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