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A Course in Healing (Book)

    A Course in Healing (Book)

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      • Language: English,
      • Waterside Publishing 
      • including a DVD with 16 videos
      • ISBN: 978-1941768044

      This book will change healing forever.

      You learn how to find irritations in your body, energy field, and mind on your own - without lab tests, ultrasound, or x-ray. You learn how to treat yourself - without medication. You deserve to be happy, healthy and successful.

      I give you the tools and the knowledge to take your life into your own hands.

      Energetic medicine is the way of healing for the 21st century. Don´t wait another day to enjoy the easiness and the immediate effects of energetic medicine.

      A book to laugh, learn and practice on your own.

      The book includes a DVD with 16 teaching videos.