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Imago Book
Imago Book
Imago Book

    Imago Book

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      • innerwise Publishing
      • Language: English
      • Pages: 140
      • Incl. DVD
      • ISBN: 978-3-9818-2290-8
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      Imago: Make the unseen visible

      The innerwise tool for diagnosis and therapy for people, systems and situations: available as a book with DVD.

      Discover the energetics of relationships, situations and systems. Make the unseen visible. Discover and change the forces at play, along with reality itself. Let organs tell their stories and heal them.

      Fun, playful, informative and very colorful.

      • Organ IMAGO
      • Age IMAGO
      • Relationship IMAGO
      • Illness IMAGO
      • Ancestry IMAGO
      • Soul IMAGO
      • Team IMAGO
      • Project IMAGO
      • Situation IMAGO

      Learn the many IMAGO types developed by Uwe
      Work with the book and the accompanying DVD. The method of the future for diagnosis and analysis for therapists, psychologists, coaches and consultants.




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