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I like your skepticism, your questions, your curiosity.
I don't want to just use words to convince you that innerwise is good.
I would like to give you tools so that you can find out yourself what’s right for you.

When it comes to innerwise, I recommend:

  • The book YES NO, which teaches you the arm-length test.
  • The book A Course in Healing, which introduces you to the world of intuitive healing.
  • And the Complete Healing System which gives you a full therapeutic system for self-treatment at an affordable price.
  • The innerwise Basic app gives this system to you for free.
  • If you would like to learn how to understand and change complex systems through drawing, read the book Imago.
  • And if you want to learn innerwise from home, our Online Basiskurs and Online Intensivkurs give you an easy way to do just that.
  • With bellywell, you have a quick remedy for an upset stomach.

When it comes to DARE, I recommend:

first to check out the DARE Website and watch the videos there about DARE.

  • If you dare, you can use the game DARE TO B’RICHED Coming home to change your life in a playful way.
  • I cannot recommend DARE TO B’RICHED Homo integer or DARE TO B’RICHED: Free Man to you unless your feelings or testing tell you otherwise.

When it comes to systemwise, I recommend:

In this area, training is an absolute must before you can begin using these tools professionally. And anything less than professional will never do.
You could start with the Imago Book to get to know this specialized topic and practice it.


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