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Intuitive Diagnostics
Intuitive Diagnostics

    Intuitive Diagnostics

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      • Language: English
      • Pages: 368
      • innerwise Publishing
      • ISBN: 978-3-947458-19-6

      Intuitive Diagnostics: The Evolutionary innerwise Method

      Diagnosis does not mean simply putting a name on illnesses. It is much more about thoroughly examining the patient’s condition on all levels, so that we can understand the underlying patterns and causes and create individual, effective plans for therapy. We can often do this without using any equipment. All we need are the powers of perception and testing methods that rely solely on our bodies.

      I wrote this book for everyone who wants to learn and practice a new approach to diagnostics:

      • for themselves,
      • for patients,
      • for family members,
      • for animals and
      • for systems of any kind.

      Each time you apply this diagnostic method, you’ll learn and discover something new that will make your therapy more useful and successful. And you can do it all without a single ultrasound, x-ray, EKG or laboratory test. All you need are your hands, your perceptions and your intuition. It sounds almost too good to be true. But it is true, and you can do it too.

      I promise you that with this book you will quickly learn:

      • how to perform a full medical diagnosis and create a therapy plan;
      • how to discover for yourself the causes behind symptoms and illnesses;
      • how to diagnose organs on all levels (structural, biochemical, rhythmic, mental, emotional, energetic, soul);
      • how to test medicines for their effectiveness and safety from side effects before using them;
      • how to identify allergies and intolerances;
      • how to identify irritations in the field;
      • how to find and feel disruptions in bodily structures and joints;
      • how to determine irritations in rhythms;
      • how to diagnose the functioning of the autonomic nervous system;
      • how to determine the point in time at which a disruption has occurred;
      • how to discover systematic interconnections;
      • how to diagnose human beings and animals.

      I have never studied such an exciting textbook as your Intuitive Diagnostics. Until now, I always thought of textbooks as a means to an end; something you simply had to read through, sometimes more, sometimes less, just to be able to learn how to do something. Your textbook is simply exciting from start to finish.
      Thank you.
      - Gabriela Bortis




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