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systemwise Roll-Up 9 Theses
systemwise Roll-Up 9 Theses

    systemwise Roll-Up 9 Theses

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      • Roll-up for indoors; aluminum casing, two adjustable feet; includes travel bag, silver casing
      • Size: 39.37 x 78.74 in (100 x 200 cm), 140 g polyester fabric
      • Total weight: approx. 6.4 lbs (2.9 kg)
      • Language: german
      • innerwise Publishing

      Rollup for trade fair booths

      Nailed to the door of the old economic and systems theorists

      1. All systems are alive.
      2. All systems are subject to the same basic laws and only differ in their inner complexity and outer interconnectivity.
      3. They all have a purpose, a mission, a potential, a life cycle.
      4. All systems have a natural inner order, an optimal state that expresses itself in reality as flow.
      5. They are all prone to irritations and challenges that lead to blockages and wrongdoing.
      6. They are all subject to a growth process and are capable of adapting to changing conditions and duties.
      7. They never exist in isolation, but are systemically interconnected and in interaction with other systems.
      8. They all have a field: a blueprint for objective reality that can be analyzed and changed by specially trained consultants.
      9. These theses are in effect, regardless of whether the people responsible for the systems want to know or believe it.




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