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10 Healers - Healing Sounds 2 (online)

    10 Healers - Healing Sounds 2 (online)

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      These 10 healers fill spaces and hearts.

      They encapsulate the philosophy of being and give us the strength to stop merely “surviving” and start living again. Once you've seen what life can really be, you will never want to go back to what you used to think of as living, which was actually only “surviving.” Meditate with the accompaniment of music and images. Clear yourself and live.

      Listen to these 10 healers and rediscover your strength, to stop merely “surviving” and start living again.

      1st Healer

      The energy of the innerwise® Healing Cards in one single healer. Discover and recognize details. This opens your eyes to the fine and finest of subtleties, which also opening the door for you to start recognizing interconnections.

      2nd Healer

      A process of discharging, dissolving attachments, finding completeness, unfolding. Transform from being held prisoner by an issue to experiencing the freedom of life in the Now.

      3rd Healer

      An autonomous, glowing Being created along with a Being of a higher order. Ra, the sun, reveals itself in him. The Flower of Life, a three-dimensional creation, made of over 1,700 cells. Each cell is stable in itself, in complete harmony. All together form one Being of a higher order. A Being that allows only harmony while also transforming disharmony.

      4th Healer

      Flowing love. A loving energy that fulfills all things. It is flowing love, flowing light. It permeates all things. It fills all spaces and everything connected with these spaces. It fills and clears them. Just by moving through the spaces, it clears them. You can send it anywhere.

      5th Healer

      Permeating all things, bringing things into view, and transforming. On the one hand, it is Divine breath that permeates all things. Nothing can hide, nothing remains concealed.
      On the other hand, it has the potential to crystallize. This allows it to be present in all things and to clear by crystallizing that which is hidden.

      6th Healer

      Everything artificial and superficial fades away, and that which is true comes into sight. Recognizing and becoming free from the artificial layers, surfaces and external realities. What is true, what is a lie?

      7th Healer

      Creating clarity, fulfilling with truth. The Illuminator. He finds even faint traces and remains of irritations and things that are missing, foreign to you or hidden.

      8th Healer

      Like a gaze before which only truth can exist and be loved. It clears and ends memories of accumulated layers and field structures. Clears the blueprints and reflections.

      9th Healer

      Everything finds its way together, finds its purpose in the great Game of Life. The symbol of the omega. The symbol of the end, of letting go, of closure. Clears fragmentations with lightness.

      10th Healer

      In all things, there is the strength and clarity of the new beginning, which transforms the old with lightness. The symbol of the alpha. The final healer, yet also the symbol of beginning something new. A look to the future. A sharp power, like a laser. Something special.

      Access via innerwise Online Academy

      You need an active internet connection, a download of the product is not possible.

      The 10 Healers are also available on CD!

      Concept by Uwe Albrecht,
      Artwork by Minghao Xu,
      Music tempertunes,




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