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Medicine Wheel
Medicine Wheel

    Medicine Wheel

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      • Material: Plastic-laminated canvas
      • 35.43 x 35.43 in (90 x 90 cm)
      • Booklet: 28 pages
      • Manufactured by innerwise Publishing
      • Special size

      The path to integrity

      Behind the innerwise Medicine Wheel is the search for insight and the realization that you can only reach the goal by combining the three classic paths. These are: the energetic path, the path of mental and spiritual realization and the physical path. If we recognize that each of these paths has its dark side and if we integrate all that, then the fourth path opens up. This results in a threefold meditation. These are no immersion exercises for the mind, but life meditations that require inner discipline and perseverance. They are a fundamental prerequisite for any innerwise therapist.

      The meditation of energetic perspective

      This requires the desire to understand energetic processes and principles. It is a new and unfamiliar perspective, as well as a constant effort to look behind things and processes, and learn to see the energy flows. This is the meditation of sensing, feeling and perceiving.

      The meditation of mental and spiritual insight

      This is about rationally processing the energy flows we observe. It also involves an active interest in humanity’s collective wisdoms and teachings, as well as mathematical and geometric laws, which are the foundation of all life. This includes verifying the accuracy of energetic principles. If they are correct, then they must be applicable to everything. This is the meditation of the inner explorer, the humanist.

      Meditation of the body, the temple of the soul

      As the temple of the soul, the body needs attention and preservation of structure and form. This includes conscious nutrition, continuous cleansing from toxins and physical exercise performed with love and joy, be it Qigong, dancing, gardening or something completely different. Our bodies want for us to use them and take good care of them. It is the meditation of those who are hungry for life, because life is movement.

      One of the oldest yet most often overlooked innerwise tool. It has finally arisen from its Sleeping Beauty slumber to take its rightful place within the innerwise system. The poster is printed on plastic-laminated canvas and comes with a booklet that has been created with joy and love.

      The Medicine Wheel was created based on research by physician Uwe Albrecht, a pioneer of energy medicine, who developed innerwise.




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