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Panta Rhei & Ra
Panta Rhei & Ra

    Panta Rhei & Ra

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      Panta rhei

      The easy way to clear issues through meditation:
      discharge, clear attachments, regain what you have lost, open yourself.

      And Creation laughs.
      Choose the issue that you want to heal and perceive it in its full scale, complexity, interconnectivity and size.
      Step with your issue into the holographic space of the Flower of Life. Allow the healing energies to connect with the space from every direction and give their light to the space and to you.
      This light is a great healing symphony. The charges of your issue are dissolved in explosions of light.
      Now you can let go of the underlying attachments to things you are holding onto out of fear.
      These will be absorbed by the light channel of your soul, of your life, and dissolve into the One.
      Now, everything will return that you thought you had lost. You heal by becoming whole again.
      The memory of the separation and the charge contained in what has returned is dissolved in a single explosion of light.
      It is absorbed by the light channel and dissolved into the One.
      Everything flows. Life flows. The soul’s path, which we place in the center of our Being, flows beyond us and gives us fulfillment and flow, a lasting orgasm of life.
      And Creation sheds tears of joy.

      Play time: 00:03:52

      Ra - The Sun

      The universal power of the Flower of Life brought to life in 3D, glowing from the inside.
      Also heals cracks in the matrix.

      A Light Being of a Higher Order
      The source of all Being exists in every one of us.
      The individual is inherently perfect, whole, autonomous and illuminated, a sun.
      There are many individuals, and like the cells of a living organism, these individuals form a complex totality of a higher order, also a sun.

      You can take a bath in the sun.
      You can bring the sun’s light into the darkness, so you can see.
      Light is truth, putting an end to lies.
      You can travel with the light of the sun, faster than you can think.
      No darkness can exist in the sun.

      The sun has created life and is its protector.
      Bring light into your life.

      Play time: 00:02:08


      For €6.99, you receive permanent online access to the meditations.

      Both videos are available in three versions:
      as a pure meditation and as a guided meditation in German and in English.


      Access via innerwise Online Academy

      You need an active internet connection, a download of the product is not possible.


      Concept: Uwe Albrecht
      Music: Caroline Wunderlich
      Animation: Minghao Xu




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